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About Us

About Giragala

Nissanka’s Dream

It dates back 30 years, when Nissanka Goonesekera,  left his airline job and created a space that would help the rest of the world experience the coastal beauty of Sri Lanka and create a business that would help locals of his hometown Galle. On the 15th of January, 1994 he purchased the block of land, which at that time was a land with an old house with 4 rooms belonging to a merchant. Giragala Village started its humble beginnings as a 4 roomed inn in 1994 with a staff of 4 including the owner. 

This being a passion project he put in every cent he earned back into the business. Today, it is a 18 room villa,fully air conditioned with sea view terrace in each room.

To date Nissanka’s passion has been to create a venture that he could call his own and that would uplift the lives of the people who belong to that ecosystem. 20 people who joined Giragala as staff so far sustain their livelihoods and there is a larger ecosystem of suppliers such as fisherman, fruit/vegetable small timers, tuk tuk owners to the extended families of the staff. 

Why Giragala

Right opposite the hotel is the key landmark of Mirissa, the Giragala or commonly known by patrons as the Parrot Rock which back in the day was part of land and has now given itself away to the ocean and stands itself in the midst of the waves. During low tide one can walk across and easily climb the rock to experience a panoramic view of the beautiful Mirissa bay, not to mention an unforgettable sun set experience.

Our location/ the beach

The hotel is located on the beach itself and uniquely positioned at the Giragala end of the Mirissa bay which gives access to a different experience of the bay. As you step out of the hotel there is a rock pool that gives a great bathing experience and is a haven to a variety of marine life. On the other end of the villa, during many occasions you can swim with a shoal of fish that comes near the shore to visit us.

What is Giragala all about

It is a home away from home. You will get treated as family by the staff who have helped to make this place what it is today. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and the big garden creates a blissful space to read, for kids to play sports or with each other, to enjoy a meal or simply doze off on a hammock.

The Food

Our aim is to give you the freshest food that is tasty. Our sea food from time of catching to plate is minimum so that you taste the freshest seafood there is to find in the area. We practice healthy cooking techniques so that the nutritional value is not lost. It will be a pity to miss out on the sea food if you do visit, the Chefs will prepare it as per your liking.  The menu is wide, and we specialize also in making traditional dishes which are authentic to the Galle/Matara area. 

The Bar

If in Giragala you must not miss the ‘Giragala Special' at the Barramundi bar. The bartender is trained to whip up classic to tailor made cocktails and there an extensive menu of beverages. Sipping a chilled beer with the sea view throughout the day while intermittently dipping into the cool ocean is something that we strongly recommend!

What else can you do

  • Whale watching
  • Cycling
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Mirissa Fisheries Harbour
  • visit Sinharaja forest
  • Southern National Parks ,(Bundala, Udawalawe, Yala National Parks and Kumana Bird Sanctuary)
  • Dondra Light House

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